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Luna’s Ramble ~ Spirit Of Music

Move to the Music

Music, I find it odd when I happen across a person who does not listen to some kind of music. There is something very fundamental, at the core of the human soul that is found in music (and art, but that’s a different ramble). Music moves us, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I have seen ‘the friend that does not dance’ dancing at a live show; the music, he could not help himself. A few songs, when I hear them, I feel them; and sometimes they make me cry. I feel safe in saying that everyone has had that song that spoke to them and for them; thoughts that could not be expressed in a cohesive way found a harmonic poetic form…by someone else! But it’s like the songwriter was in your head!

Music is powerful in unexpected ways, I am witness to it. Many stories come from Grateful Dead shows. Vegas, Ventura, Monterey… ugly nasty wet weather and then a few measures of  ‘Sunshine Daydream’ and all is suddenly sunny!

Music is Magical!

I associate a lot to and with music. And personally, I use music to heal, guide and inspire. Music is a Spark! Side Note: The Fire aspect of this is symbolically relevant in that music in the voice and instruments is associated with the Element of Earth. The thought, words and message in the lyrics are what bring the Element of Air. Two things are needed for a fire. Wood/Earth and Oxygen/Air. put those together and you have music.

The inspiration to this ramble was a pervious working session and the playlist that came about spontaneously. Which lead to one thing and to another… music at work with it’s magic. (Try using iTunes on shuffle as a divination tool!)

Spirit of Music

Somehow this ramble is also an introduction to my ‘music therapy’, a peek into my metaphysical toolbox of tunes. What songs for what situations, finding those songs that speak on deep and touching thoughts and emotions, h. It’s a discovery of who you are, what you believe, how you really feel and what you want.

SO… now here is the pressure point… what will be the first song I present? My favorite, my ‘go to’ that lifts me up, the empowering one, the one that speaks of who I am, what part of who I am? The one I think every human should hear? Oh Lordy! Which one?

And as Spirit would have it, ‘the one’ presented itself… “Warrior People


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