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Spirit of Music ~ Warrior People

Last Words of Last Ramble

At the last of my last ramblings – “….SO… now here is the pressure point… what will be the first song I present? My favorite, my ‘go to’ that lifts me up, the empowering one, the one that speaks of who I am, what part of who I am? The one I think every human should hear? Oh Lordy! Which one?….”

I was looking for an introduction song to the Spirit of Music series. Of course those titles in relevance to the closing words of my ramblings crossed my mind, but did not feel right. So I took to youtube. Now earlier, during the music mix with Mischa, I was trying to recall the name of another artist. This was a more obscure, no radio play that I know of, independent artist. So via my choice of initial music to get me thinking, one of the side videos catches my attention…THERE IT IS!… It took all of ten minutes; five minutes for the first song and five to listen and verify that the song I found was a song that fit the bill. It sure did in so many ways.

I said music was magic and this demonstrates it!

The lyrics of ‘Warrior People’ brings it all together, for me on a personal level and who I am, what I want to tell the world, its intense when you think about it yet a fully uplifting beat, a message to all the world and empowerment… a song that I feel will speak to everyone.

In my rambling I say, “I use music to heal, guide and inspire. Music is a Spark!”… at 2:53-3:01 he speaks of this, well, the whole previous rambling really.

So now for your holistic listening pleasure, I introduce Nahko and Medicine for the People with the caustic version of the song Warrior People.



“I’m just a human being on another fucking journey!” …. Love it!

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