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  • The following is the Spirit Tree Grove’s ‘Code of Conduct’. Those who fail to follow the code can be removed from the group with or without< warning. You have been notified.

    Please read the rules below and leave a comment expressing that you have read and agreed to the STG's Code of Conduct. Please post any questions you may have in your comment…[Read more]

  • Last Words of Last Ramble
    At the last of my last ramblings – “….SO… now here is the pressure point… what will be the first song I present? My favorite, my ‘go to’ that lifts me up, the empowering one, the […]

  • Move to the Music
    Music, I find it odd when I happen across a person who does not listen to some kind of music. There is something very fundamental, at the core of the human soul that is found in music (and art, […]